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What I liked:


- the archaeology and Roman history lessons,

- the main premise,

- the setting,

- Wally, Jeannie's dad.


I enjoy reading Kearsley's books. Though they tend to be populated with similar characters, it's fun to see them in slightly different positions this time around.


What I didn't like:


- The 'sinister' plot. Why was that even in there? Made no sense and was just dumb, especially the big...finale? (I had no idea what actually happened after reading twice).



- The constant pointed references to the dang cats. I was so confused by the emphasis that I thought these cats were reincarnated soul twins of some long lost Roman lovers (I know! My mind, it wanders to weird places. I guess I read too much PNR.)


- The "romance" - though I knew going in that I was going to be disappointed. I loved The Winter Sea - both couples in that story had a lot of personality and chemistry. But I've read three novels by SK since then, and they've all been tepid. Which is frustrating, because I want to love her hot Scottish heroes. I get closed door, sure, but this was almost high school-ish - pretty bookish type lands the rugby player - two rushed kisses and she's wearing his varsity windcheater. Or something.


And that's another thing. First these characters are described as well-respected intellectual nerdy archaeologists...and within a chapter they are all pretty much heavily boozing and hooking up and sleeping late to work off hangovers, etc. I AM IN THE WRONG CAREER!