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Like No Other Lover - Julie Anne Long I don't normally like house party stories - where all the action is so contained over a few days, but it worked for me here. I am a sucker for the more-than-meets-the-eye beauty trope, and the warm up between Cynthia and Miles is really fun. Cynthia's wicked drinking game had me giggling like mad - some of the imagery is just hilarious. Like this part about the feather on Lady Windermere's "listing" turban:"The plume of it now extended horizontally, and whenever she turned her head just a little, it inserted itself into Mr. Goodkind's ear. Mr. Goodkind brushed at his ear and smiled in a faintly pleased but puzzled manner every time it happened, but by the time he managed to turn his head, the plume was gone.Miles watched this happen twice in the matter of seconds."This series as a whole is more similar to Julia Quinn and the Bridgertons, ie, very light and witty, and a tiny bit claustrophobic with Regency setting. But it's totally entertaining.