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Since the Surrender - Julie Anne Long This was a strange one. The romance is so confusing that I have to start with the secondary plot - a mystery that belonged more in an Anne Stuart. Long tried to make it lighter and amusing with certain details like the sets and the descriptions/antics of the characters, but I was too horrified to just go with it and find it amusing. I mean... really? Setting up, kidnapping and holding young girls captive in a fantasy brothel is kind of frown-worthy sad-face but ok because the bad guy never raped them? And because it's funny to hear the girls playact, badly? What? Also, mild Rosalind is desperate to find her sister, believing the worst has occurred, and has found proof that other girls are also victims (one of whom has been missing for more than a month!)-- and yet she is so overcome with lust for the hero that she has sex with him WHILE TRYING TO SOLVE THE CASE. I mean that literally. I thought it was kind of creepy. Why not just wait til you get home, sweetie, especially since Long went to great pains to point out that you have only one servant and that you are ALL ALONE and dying to DO IT!.This is why I hate long series. I think I just need to pick and choose the ones I like, because I don't want to lose my JAL love. Also, I am going to throw Violet Redmond into that well myself if it gets mentioned one more time. ACK!