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Breathless - Anne Stuart I enjoyed reading this one more than the other in the series ... Ruthless? Reckless? I can't remember, and that's the problem. Diverting for the time, then quickly forgotten. I recall that I liked some of the banter, but that the heroine was a weird mix of strong and childish what was with all that 'I thought you were my FRIEND?' business? Really? Did such a thing exist at that time, even for so-called soiled doves? She seemed so unflappable sometimes, and then utterly TSTL at other points in the silly plot.Also, a personal aside, for the life of me I couldn't picture the hero as black-haired, and the secondary hero as blond. It was distracting. Didn't AS know her scarred anti-hero was supposed to be pale and elegant and coldly blond? And her jewel-thief was big and dashing and dark-haired? No? Just me?