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Catch Of The Day - Kristan Higgins Three stars for Malone. My disclaimer - I really don't like this genre at all, so take my review with a grain of salt. But it was done really well, in that the characters were nicely fleshed out, and some of the comic scenes were actually very funny. But, I cannot stand this kind of hapless heroine in ANY genre, the nervous babbling and gossiping and running off her mouth like a teenager. She was petty, passive aggressive, inappropriate, and just all around totally immature. It was hard to picture her as a 30 year old woman, running a successful business. I mean, the diner scenes were cute, but over all it was hard to root for such a mess. The priest gave me the creeps, plus Maggie's endless do-gooding seemed almost obsessive-compulsive. And there really was very little interaction in the romance. Malone, however, was kind of great. I want to steal him away and put him in a moodier erotic romance!