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Delicious - Sherry Thomas You know when you find yourself armchair quarterbacking a book? Reworking the plot to fit your idea of what makes more sense, and is more compelling? Yeah, so that happened with this book. The main characters spent so much time apart - despite living under the same ROOF! - in more and more contrived ways. It was silly. Their interactions were far too brief, and did not seem to warrant the attempts to paint them as star crossed lovers. Actually all the plot points regarding Verity were patently absurd. So much of the tension and alienation could have been solved with a handful of straight conversations. BUT - the secondary romance was awesome. I had a cheek-splitting grin reading the sharp banter, and the chemistry was electric. It was totally worth reading the book for them alone. And what's weird is that I could picture the two of them perfectly, but not the main couple. Hmm.