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Soulless  - Gail Carriger So this was really cute and funny. I am waffling between 3-3.5 stars. I loved the brisk comedic tone - it was very fitting with the character and setting. My only complaint is that it was quite repetitive in descriptions and in dialogue. As in enough with the damn hedgehog reference, it wasn't all that cute the first time. And we were definitely hit over the head with a brass fitted parasol in regards to her appearance, so much so that I was mightily tired of her large Roman nose, prodigious bosom, and unsightly tan. We GET IT. SHE IS UNFASHIONABLY ANACHRONISTICALLY HOT. SHE DOESN'T KNOW IT. Arg. Also...um, spoiler? Since all the other 'facts' about her are wrong, we are to assume that she does in fact have a soul, right? It would make no sense otherwise.