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One Foot in the Grave - Jeaniene Frost I rated this 2 stars when I first read it in August of 2011 - I was bored and found it derivative and tiresome. I re-approached, this time with the audio, because I was curious. So many who like the same books as me love it so! I started to like it more in the beginning. The reader was entertaining, and the set up was fairly interesting. But it quickly got just as tiresome as I remembered. The plot had no real tension to it, at all. There was no sense of a bigger picture danger. It was all almost pedestrian in the conflict - centered on family and work issues, and I really didn't like ANYONE. And there was NO tension at all between Bones and Cat. They argued a little in the beginning at their first 'reunion'(ugh, a weak contrivance IMO) and talked about how much they meant to each other, but I never really felt it. And by the time they got around to getting it on, it was way too much too late. I am also realizing that I hate the mythology that makes everything better - ie, magical healing, supersonic hearing, etc. etc. It's so boring when there is no real consequence to the danger! I realize that my favorite UF series are where the battles are hard won, and at great cost, with greater consequence.I tried! But not for me.