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Reawakening (Forever Dead, #1) - Charlotte Stein I have never laughed so hard during a zombie apocalypse. June's inner PTSD ramblings were just so sadly funny, and I loved the deliberate progression from weird dreams to her relationship with Blake and Jamie. But- and this is why I don't like menage- though the characters said it otherwise, and it was written otherwise, it really seemed like Jamie was the true love, not Blake. And that's fine, why can't it be fine? And this is not related only to this book, just the theme of permanent menage in general, its not sexy to me to have to be so freaking equal with everything - reminds me too much of being a mom and playing fair with my children. Kind of irritating, really. Jamie got more development as a character, in fact, more than even June. Blake was a cipher and amiable underwear model. It just bugged me especially that every scene with Jamie (whether trying to talk out feelings, declare love, or have hot sex) was always interrupted! I felt sort of cheated, and frankly bad for Jamie, who clearly needed some one-on-one time. A long ramble, and more negative than I expected for a book that I really enjoyed, but I guess it shows how invested I am in Stein's characters. They seem so real. I love her writing - it really strangely encapsulates the human experience - the joy, pain, love, lust, awkwardness, etc.