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How the Marquess Was Won - Julie Anne Long Not perfect, but perfectly delightful. Particularly the romance and dialogue. You really feel these two characters falling in love, and actually knowing each other - which is surprisingly rare in romance. And of course, the humor. I read JAL with a wide grin - so witty and sweet.There's WAY too much character name dropping, signature of these endlessly long series. I am in the minority but I really really really don't like long HR series with a passion for this very reason (oh, hello, Bridgertons, why yes, I am talking about you). It's just so awkward. There was a reference to Leonora Heron, the gypsy, in a very painfully drawn out simile - ugh, it was so obvious and made me groan. Also, "alacrity" needs to be retired, stat. But, honestly, none of this mattered a bit while reading.