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Son of the Morning - Linda Howard So, realized I never wrote a review for this, my first foray into romance, nearly 15 years ago! And what a doozy it is. You've got your suspense, your time travel, your Highlander, your nearly star-crossed lovers beating the odds and getting their HEA after all. Some of it is truly clunky: the villain is over-the-top pervy, and he gets his in a weirdly lewd way. The hero does in fact speak in that annoying spelled out broooooogue. And the heroine skirts dangerously close to Mary Sue territory. Poor Grace is just not MEANT to be in modern times - she loves simple bland foods! (?) She is also one of those heroines initially deemed unpretty for very gorgeous reasons. Why, her eyes are just too large and grey! Her mouth too wide and full! Her hair is just too long and thick and silky! Given when it was written, she is basically Christy Turlington disguised as a computer nerd. BUT. But. It's SO FUN! I mean, her flight from the villains, is actually really tense and thrilling. Her frantic research, conducted on the run, is kind of awesomely interesting - made even cuter by the 1990s technology of modems, etc. And she has smoking hot dreams about Black Niall, who is described like our favorite Mohican:These two don't get together til late in the book, but it's so smoking hot that it's totally worth the wait. I don't know. This will always be one of my favorites. It's just unapologetically bananas.