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Fools Rush in - Kristan Higgins There is something wrong with me. Maybe I am actually a Kristan Higgans heroine, smart but compulsively unable to avoid what I KNOW is bad for me! I mean, I give her credit, she writes very breezy, readable books. But lordy, her heroines are dingbats. Dress them up as doctors or what have you, they are all pretty much romantically stunted - all the way back to high school. My big question is how Millie's supposed straight-talking, no-nonsense, bitch-on-wheels bff actually stayed friends with her. Can you imagine a single mom of two boys being entertained by the selfish phone calls and pre-teen lovelorn ramblings of her 30 year old pal?Also, the actual love story - was not as advertised per book blurb. 'Twas a bit more fraught than indicated. Again, I should have known better, because she definitely has a formula - which is to drag family crap in whenever possible.I KNOW. People hate when reviewers review books they know they won't like. I swear I've learned my lesson, ok? So two stars for me, but just take it with a grain of salt, will ya? If you love chick lit and..the Cape?..you might love this!