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Claimed (Brides of the Kindred, #1) - Evangeline Anderson This was setting up to be a hilariously over the top sci-fi sex romp. I mean, the heroine answered the door in her 'comfy' lace teddy and thong, for cri-yi! ('some people like to relax in yoga pants, I love MERRY WIDOWS!) There are beautiful man aliens with astonishing parts and devoted feelings, longing to bond and give unlimited pleasure to their forever mate! (Also really funny: the specific bonding schedule. Week 1: TOUCHING!).Instead, we have a wet blanket tease of a heroine. She did not put out like she was supposed to. It did not build tension, it just annoyed the tar out of me. Wait, was this NOT supposed to be a hilariously over the top sci-fi sex romp? My bad.