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Fallen from Grace - Laura Leone I think this is one of those books that might have been stronger as a non-romance - too much heavy stuff had to be simplified to work in the HEA. Honestly, I would love to see Ryan in something by Megan Hart.Sara, ugh. She lives in the Bay Area for all her adult life, has tons of wildly interesting, eclectic friends, and yet has decidedly conservative and prejudiced views regarding sexual orientation - and sexuality in general. She is also kind of a bitch, and admittedly self-absorbed and gossipy. Her transformation would have been interesting maybe, but it was sort of clumsily executed. I guess her comments and reactions were realistic, but they certainly did not endear her to me. And I may be reading too much into this, but about that HEA...how healthy is it to propose marriage before you've even really dated, and before your partner has even started the healing process regarding his lifelong traumas? It's his first relationship, ever! Methinks that marks it as a big ole HFN, but in Romancelandia it's Tru Luv.