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The Outsider - Penelope Williamson Good grief. This is what you call a saga, I guess. I have no idea if I liked it or not. By the end, the traumas were just piled on, so much so that it was almost numbing. I could not believe the HEA either, that just seemed over the top and implausible, even in Romancelandia. Plus, how happy can they ever be with all that happened, and what is sure to happen down the road? For example, there wasn't much resolution to the Plain men and their supposed uncharacteristic rage and violent behavior. It was discussed over and over throughout the book, and then, in the end, they just acted like a regular mob with no consequences. I mean, I am sure that was the point, but would the elders have let that just go because of Cain's Outsider status? And what would stop them from doing it again?I was more intrigued with the doctor, to be honest. He was a broken man, in a believable way. Poor Marilee. So, I have to say the characters do resonate. I just think the story could have had a bigger impact if it wasn't quite so over the top with the violence and piled on plot.Also, this may be petty to comment on, but...hundreds and hundreds of pages waxing poetic on landscape, appearances, clothes, friends, family, philosophy, religion, nature, sheep, farming, etc...etc.., and their big sex scene goes something like this "...she took him and put him in her."