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Lair of the Lion (MP3 Book) - Christine Feehan, Rebecca  Cook I would have probably skimmed through to the end if it was an e-book, but as it's audio, I just can't take the awkward phrasing and repetition. WE GET IT - he's TAWNY and CATLIKE. Like a LION. (Or pseudo-Italian: leone!) Tawny tawny tawny. I want to claw my OWN eyes out at this point. And then she gets a whiff of a sickly-evil-malevolent spirit that makes her sick with its evil malevolence. See also: hearing a ring ringing in your ears, seeing with your eyes, etc. So many words wording around wordily. Also, sometimes Isabella is brave and bright, other times she randomly talks to a teenager in the middle of the night in her room and thinks nothing of it. See also: continually getting scratched by your tawny leonine fiance's "ring". ~thud~