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What I Did For a Duke - Julie Anne Long I liked it, but I didn't love it. 3.5 stars? I am waffling. To start at the end, it features one of my biggest pet peeves (usually found in 1990s romantic comedies). Genevieve didn't leave Harry at the altar, but she did agree to marry him. God, I hate that with a passion - even though JAL went to some effort to plot out why that was sort of important to the story. I also thought the spark wasn't quite there in the beginning - Alex just sort of decides that he's interested out of...boredom? And she is not even paying attention to him at all. But. Once it does get going, I did enjoy the burgeoning relationship (and the banter) between the two. I love when you really get the sense that the characters truly see each other, and are friends, and that their attraction is also love, etc. etc. So there's that.