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Mariana - Susanna Kearsley Eh. Just didn't work for me at all. Both heroines were so flat, I really didn't like either of them. Neither inspired an epic love for the ages, that's for sure. Mariana was a weirdly passive Mary Sue, and Julia was just lifeless. There was also a bit of misdirection that was just bizarre. So we've got a nice spark in the beginning with the hot Scottish gardener (who is basically a character from the other two books I've read by her), but instead Julia listlessly falls into an endlessly boring tepid non-romance with a rich guy who travels all the time, and pretty much only takes her to the neighborhood bar and pecks her on the cheek now and again. It was kind of excruciating. The ending was good fun, but too late by then. I think I will just stick with The Winter Sea.