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The Ugly Duchess - Eloisa James I am not a super big fan of this trope. Basically, we are told that Theo and James are best childhood friends, but have just a few scant scenes demonstrating that -- really, they just tell each other that they are best friends. Married two days then separated after a truly gut wrenching exchange...and seven years later he is an alphole pirate and she is called a frigid 'virago' after enduring shame, ridicule, debt, death, etc. etc. He just didn't seem worthy, and his possessiveness made me feel claustrophobic when he returned. Ah, very true to the life of a Regency era wife, I suppose, but not very swoon worthy. Some scenes and dialogue are great. But sometimes with James' books I feel like I can see the the story outline and the character notes in the margins. I don't get lost in the story - I feel too aware of the construction.