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Lick - Kylie Scott Started off trashy and fun - Evelyn is a typical pickled 21 year old on her birthday, and her groggy 'lost weekend' recollections are definitely entertaining, especially as she tries and fails not to puke all over her brandy-new sensitive emo-type rock star husband.But then it stayed very true to a typical NA - O ZEE ISSUES and tantrums and fighting about nonsense and make-up angry sex and jealous exes and money-solves-all-and-so-do-bum-tattoos (new shelf idea?). It got tiresome fast and the sex was bo-ring because I am an old woman, youth wasted on young, etc. etc., cry me a river, I know. But three stars for the beginning, and because Ev was largely no-nonsense and kind of hilarious. 'Til she was not, alas.