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Uncommon Passion - Anne Calhoun 3.5 stars. Don't be fooled by the SEALS (SWAT, actually) coverboy and his big gun(s) - this is a straight contemporary romance, with a refreshingly no nonsense heroine. She is like an amazing alien. I loved that she had zero time for bullshit - it was a great counterpoint to her supreme innocence and sheltered existence. Because of her, I liked this more than I thought I would, because Ben kind of sucked, and the set-up bugged me. The bulk of the plot centers on a weekly schedule of identical hook ups where the gal is shown the door before the condom hits the trash. Then it all wraps up with a speed-courtship that's all about the tell and robs the reader of the emotional payoff. Would have much preferred the reverse: an A-Team video montage of the hook-ups, and then a little more detail as she figured out her next steps after moving on from her sheltered life. I also can't buy the HEA - should be a HFN.